U-Pic Shipping Insurance Claims

Our goal is to make your claims experience fast and painless. You will file your claim and paperwork through this website. Claims are typically adjusted within 7-10 business days.

Find your relevant area below. Follow the instructions and submit your claim. You will receive a claim number. Upon receipt of your claim number, you will have the ability to upload any additional required documents, and have the option to send your buyer an online affidavit request.

Buy-Now one time purchasers and anonymous users

Start the claims process here if you purchased insurance through the buy now feature and did not opt-in to create a guest account.

Have you already submitted a claim? Use this form to view the status of your claim.

Buy-Now guest account users

If during the buy-now process you opted to create a guest account log in then file a claim through your account page.

U-PIC Direct And Endicia Clients

Use the button below to start a new claim or the form underneath to check the status of a claim.

Use this form to check the status of a single claim. Access a list of claims in your account page.

DHL eCommerce Claim

Use the form below to file a new claim or check the status of an existing claim. Use a tracking number for DHL eCommerce Domestic or Easy Returns Claims. For DHL International Claims use the Customer Confirmation Number that starts with either GM or LJ.

Amazon Claim

To file a new claim use the form below. The insured value is the value up to which you chose to insure when purchasing shipping insurance from U-PIC through the Amazon order page. There may be a 1-5 day delay between the time you purchase shipping insurance on Amazon's website and the time at which Amazon uploads those shipping records to U-PIC.

Click here to see the status of an existing claim.