Our goal is to make your claims experience fast and painless. You will file your claim and paperwork through this website. Claims are typically adjusted within 7-10 business days.

Find your relevant area below. Follow the instructions and submit your claim. You will receive a claim number, be able to upload any additional required documents, and have the option to send your buyer an online affidavit request.

Buy-Now one time purchasers and anonymous users

Start the claims process here if you purchased insurance through the buy now feature and did not opt-in to create a guest account.

Have you already submitted a claim? Use this form to view the status of your claim.

Buy-Now guest account users

If during the buy-now process you opted to create a guest account log in then file a claim through your account page.

U-PIC Direct And Endicia Clients

Use the button below to start a new claim or the form underneath to check the status of a claim.

Use this form to check the status of a single claim. Access a list of claims in your account page.

DHL eCommerce Claim

Use the form below to file a new claim or check the status of an existing claim. Use a tracking number for DHL eCommerce Domestic or Easy Returns Claims. For DHL International Claims use the Customer Confirmation Number that starts with either GM or LJ.

Amazon Claim

To file a new claim use the form below. The insured value is the value up to which you chose to insure when purchasing shipping insurance from U-PIC through the Amazon order page. There may be a 1-5 day delay between the time you purchase shipping insurance on Amazon's website and the time at which Amazon uploads those shipping records to U-PIC.

Click here to see the status of an existing claim.