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Client ID

If you hold a policy with us your client id was assigned by U-PIC. Your client id is made up only of numbers.

If you purchased insurance through the buy now page, and opted in to create a guest account, your client id was emailed to you the moment you submitted that order. Your client id starts with the letter 'w'.

If you can not find your client id contact us and ask for our help in finding your client id.


Enter your client id in the field below.

If you are a policy holder I'll send a password reminder to the email address of your main contact. Policy holder client id's are assigned by the U-PIC sales dept. Your client id is numeric.

If you have a guest account I'll send a password reminder to the email address you used when you first opted-in to create your guest account. Your client id begins with a 'w' followed by numbers.

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