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When In Doubt Insure

Posted on August 20, 2018, by Matt Morelli

“Did you know that 94% of customers blame the retailer when shipping doesn’t go well? That means they are calling you the minute they don’t get their shipment, not the carrier.” – issuu.com

Woman With Question Mark Box on Head

Rather than understanding that there are billions of packages that get sent out every day, and sometimes Ship Happens™, customers want a solution to their problem ASAP. This can really put you, the business owner, in a tough situation.

For many, there isn’t enough time or extra energy to track down a package and help an upset customer. Now you have to spend time and money trying to fix problems that you didn’t create, which takes away time from fulfilling your other customers’ orders, and growing your business. The hassle of having to go through the entire process of trying to find a package or file a claim is time consuming and frankly, needn’t be something you should have to worry about again.

To avoid future complications, you can quickly turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied shopper by adding U-PIC Shipping Insurance to your customers packages automatically at check out. An investment in shipping insurance is an investment in increasing customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty, and having a competitive advantage over other businesses. U-PIC offers shipping insurance for up to 85% less than carrier insurance. You file claims online, and they are resolved in 7-10 business days, end of story. U-PIC has the most efficient, technologically driven claims process in the industry. You only get the best when you use U-PIC, that is why our staff of licensed insurance claims reps will give you the VIP experience through-put the entire process.

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