Shipping Insurance

U-PIC is a third party shipping insurance solution that protects parcels against loss or damage during shipping. We offer discounted shipping insurance for packages shipped with USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx and many other regional, national, and international carriers.

U-PIC Offers:

  • 50% - 90% shipping insurance rate discounts compared to other programs.
  • Speedy online claims processing.
  • Coverage for shipments originating in the United States and Canada.

Here are some important questions to consider when researching shipping insurance programs with U-PIC, or any provider:

What is shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance is the method used to protect a shipment from loss or damage while in possession of a carrier. There is no guarantee that loss or damage will not occur in transit and the risks associated with shipping are mitigated through insurance coverage. You can opt to insure your shipments directly through the carrier if it's offered, or through a third party insurance solution like U-PIC.

What is third party shipping insurance?

When you choose to insure your shipment with a company that is not also a carrier, you have decided to insure your shipment with a third party. Insuring through a third party offers many advantages:

  • Discounted insurance rates.
  • Higher declared values on shipments.
  • Ability to insure shipments using all of the major carriers and smaller unknown carriers.
  • One location and point of contact for purchasing insurance and filing claims.
  • Quick and easy claim filing.
Is shipping insurance a good idea?

Yes, insuring packages provides you with peace of mind and world class support in the event of a problem. It allows you to act faster when considering a solution for your customer whose order was lost or damaged. Customers expect their orders fast, and if they arrive damaged or do not arrive at all, they expect a replacement or a refund quickly. Shipping insurance allows you to maintain a good relationship with your customers and ensure that they have reason to purchase from you again in the future.

Who does shipping insurance protect?

Shipping insurance protects both buyers and sellers from the risks associated with shipping products through the mail system. Parcels in transit are lost or damaged at a rate high enough that most eCommerce shippers have felt the pain associated with customers who are upset because their order showed up damaged, or never showed up at all. At its foundation, shipping insurance defends your business reputation by giving you more control when it comes to keeping your customers happy. Ship insured, service your customers as they would expect, and continue to grow your business.

How much does shipping insurance cost?

Every insurance company has different rates. Shipping insurance rates can vary widely depending things like the chosen carrier, the commodity being shipped, the frequency at which shipments are being mailed, and the value of the items being shipped.

Shipping insurance is typically calculated in $100 increments, called Declared Value Units, or DVU’s for short. To figure out how much insurance on any package would cost, simply multiply the rate of insurance that you pay per DVU, by the value of the package that you intend to ship. An item that you are looking to insure for $300, would be insured at 3 DVU’s. If you were to pay $0.45 per DVU, shipping insurance on a package holding a value of $300, would cost $1.35. A DVU is based on a whole unit of measurement, meaning a package insured for a value of $250, would count as three DVU’s.

Example Pricing

*These are example shipping insurance rates and do not reflect true pricing.

Carrier Package Value Deductible Rate Per DVU Cost
UPS $300 $0 $0.45 $1.35
FedEx $500 $0 $0.40 $2.00
FedEx International $500 $0 $0.45 $2.25
What items are not covered by shipping insurance?

Every insurance company has different coverage rules. It is always a good idea to review the policy of the company you choose to insure with to make sure your items are actually covered.

U-PIC's standard list of exclusions include: Accounts, bills, bullion, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, original/fine art, computer chips, money, notes, securities, perishable cargo, precious/semi-precious stones, televisions, tickets, laptop computers, cellphones, personal goods, or similar property unless endorsed in writing.

*These exclusions may be different based on the details of your policy with U-PIC.

How to complete a shipping insurance claim?

Again, every insurance company has different coverage rules. You should review the policy of the company you choose to insure with to make sure you understand your claim requirements and avoid claim denials.

The standard requirements to complete a claim with U-PIC are as follows:

  • A copy of the invoice between the seller and the buyer for the merchandise in the shipment.
  • A statement from the consignee confirming the loss or damage of the shipment. If the shipment is lost, the statement from the consignee must be dated after the waiting period for the package.
  • Pictures of the damaged package and product if the package arrived damaged.

*These requirements may be different based on the details of your policy with U-PIC.


Having a shipping insurance solution in place reduces the risks associated with shipping packages through the mail stream and makes life easier. Allow U-PIC to make your life easier today!

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