Shipments Do Not Always Arrive As Expected

Let's face it. When shipping a product it does not always arrive as expected. Sometimes your shipment is damaged in transit. Sometimes the product is lost.

What Is The Solution?

U-PIC Shipping Insurance has been insuring since 1989. U-PIC has been a leader in providing low cost shipping insurance to both individuals and businesses. We are the provider of choice for shipping insurance for leading companies and their clients such as Amazon, DHL and Endicia because of our low package insurance rates, superior technology and fast and easy claims processing.

What U-PIC Insures

U-PIC insures parcels shipped through FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL or any common carrier. Our dedicated and professional staff of licensed insurance agents will handle all of your small parcel insurance needs. Our programs are designed to insure your packages for much less than FedEx insurance, UPS insurance or USPS insurance. From heavy volume users to individual buy-online shipments, U-PIC not only offers low competitive rates, but simple, paperless claims filing. We are here to serve you.
Shipping Insurance

Does U-PIC Support Large Volume Merchants?

U-PIC has volume discounts for our larger clients! We will find a solution for you at rates that cannot be beat. To get started you can complete our Apply form and a shipping insurance representative will contact you and get you set up!

I Ship Occasionally. Can U-PIC Help Me?

U-PIC does not require that you enter into an agreement! You can use our Buy Online feature and get insurance now...without talking to anyone. You just buy shipping insurance at greate rates whenever you need it!

U-PIC's Claims Process is Seamless

U-PIC wants you to be 100% satisfied with all aspects of your insurance needs and especially claims processing!

When you file a claim you simply complete an on-line form providing basic information on the shipment.

Any required paperwork can be submitted online!

U-PIC has state certified insurance agents who are able to assist you in whatever you need!

Claims are resolved within 7-10 business days.

U-PIC will process your claim promptly and to your satisfaction.

Are You Ready To Save With U-PIC?

Insure Your Packages With U-PIC And Experience The Benefits

  • Save Up To 85% Off Carrier Rates
  • Customized Reporting Methods
  • Seamless Claims Processing
  • Decades of Insurance Experience
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Industy