Packaging Tips For Shippers

Posted August 6, 2018, by Matt Morelli

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to properly package your products for shipping. Whether you are an individual shipper or a business owner, understanding the best practices for packaging can help reduce damages, losses or shortages during the delivery process. While each carrier may have specific guidelines, the following tips will serve as a general framework to ensure your packages arrive safely at their intended destinations.

Shipper Packaging Shipment

  • Choose the Right Packaging Materials:

    Selecting the appropriate packaging materials is crucial to safeguarding your products during transit. For shipping heavy items, opt for double-walled boxes, as they offer added sturdiness and protection. If you're shipping items in chipboard boxes like shoes, consider placing the box within a stronger, corrugated outer box for extra durability.

  • Secure Fragile Items:

    Fragile items require special attention. Double boxing is recommended, with at least 3 inches of cushioning between the inner and outer boxes to absorb shocks. Wrap breakable items individually with cushioning material and ensure they are positioned apart from one another, away from the inner box walls, and corners.

  • Handling Liquid-Filled Bottles:

    For products containing liquid, it's essential to seal each bottle individually in bags to prevent potential leakage. Placing the bottles upright inside the package further reduces the risk of spillage. By doing this, any leakage that may occur will be isolated from other products.

  • Addressing Odd-Shaped Items:

    When shipping odd-shaped items, pay special attention to sharp edges and protrusions. Add extra wrapping or cushioning to those areas to prevent damage during handling and transit.

  • Labeling and Identifying:

    Include an extra label inside the package that contains both your company's name and address, along with the intended recipient's details. This ensures that if the exterior label becomes unreadable due to damage, the package can still be identified and delivered correctly.

  • Reusing Boxes:

    It's recommended that you don't, but if you do decide to reuse boxes, make sure to remove any old labels or markings to avoid confusion for the carriers and recipients. A clear and clean package will help ensure a smoother shipping process.

  • Fill in the Void:

    Use appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pillows, to fill empty areas within the box and create a snug fit for your products.

  • Prevent Contents from Shifting:

    Use crumpled newspaper or other appropriate packing material to prevent contents from moving excessively inside the box during transit. This minimizes the risk of damage caused by shifting items.

  • Seal Your Package Securely:

    Use proper packing tape that is 2 to 3 inches in width. Apply the tape using the H-method, covering each area where the box could potentially open. This creates a strong and reliable seal, keeping your package intact throughout its journey.

By following these packaging tips, you significantly increase the chances of your products arriving at their destinations in pristine condition. Proper packaging not only protects your valuable shipments during transit but also reflects your commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Happy shipping!

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