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Merchants of All Sizes Choose U-PIC for Package Insurance!
The biggest names in eCommerce trust U-PIC:
  • Amazon has redefined eCommerce. U-PIC is the third party insurance company that Amazon merchants use to insure their packages.
  • DHL is a huge multinational package and delivery service. U-PIC is the third party package insurance company for DHL eCommerce and DHL International.
  • U-PIC Insurance has been providing package insurance for over 30 years. U-PIC insures over 1,000,000 packages daily! Multi billion dollar companies trust U-PIC, and you can trust us too.
Small and medium sized companies rely on U-PIC:
  • We have insurance options for sellers looking to ship just a few packages, or more than a few packages.
  • Companies insuring less than 100 packages per month use our Buy Now feature to protect their packages. You can insure one or more packages and pay for the insurance with a credit card.
  • Companies who insure more than 100 packages a month might qualify for their own U-PIC account. Easy reporting, easy claims, and straight forward invoicing.
No matter what your company size, U-PIC has a solution for your package insurance needs!
Carrier Insurance or U-PIC Package Insurance?

You can purchase package insurance from most major carriers. In fact, many carriers provide automatic coverage up to a certain value if your package qualifies. If your package already has coverage, then you may not need additional insurance.

However, insuring your package through a third party insurance company like U-PIC offers many advantages.

If your package value exceeds the automatic coverage provided by the carrier, U-PIC can insure your package at competitive rates. We offer 50% - 90% package insurance rate discounts compared to other programs. Additionally, having an account through a third party insurance company like U-PIC allows you to insure packages shipped through any carrier, and provides one central location where you can manage shipments and file claims.

Furthermore, carriers are in the package delivery business, whereas U-PIC is in the package insurance business. We understand that problems arise and we are here to assist you quickly and painlessly.

How Much Does U-PIC Package Insurance Cost?

A variety of factors will influence your U-PIC package insurance cost.

  1. Volume Account - Are you insuring a one-off package, or do you hold a volume account with U-PIC? We offer competitive rates in both scenarios, but having a volume account will qualify you for a higher insurance discount.
  2. Domestic or International - Packages delivered within the US or Canada typically have lower premiums than international packages.
  3. Chosen Carrier - All carriers have different package insurance rates. Based on your needs and chosen carriers, your insurance rates can be customized so you get the best possible price.

U-PIC package insurance is calculated in $100 increments, called Declared Value Units, or DVU’s for short. To figure out how much insurance on any package would cost, simply multiply the rate of insurance that you pay per DVU, by the value of the package that you intend to ship. An item that you are looking to insure for $300, would be insured at 3 DVU’s. If you were to pay $0.45 per DVU, shipping insurance on a package holding a value of $300, would cost $1.35. A DVU is based on a whole unit of measurement, meaning a package insured for a value of $250, would count as three DVU’s.

Example Pricing

*These are example package insurance rates and do not reflect true pricing.

Carrier Package Value Deductible Rate Per DVU Cost
UPS $300 $0 $0.45 $1.35
FedEx $500 $0 $0.40 $2.00
FedEx International $500 $0 $0.45 $2.25
U-PIC Claims Process

Did something happen to your insured package? Every type of insurance has rules for claim filing, but U-PIC's claims process is easy and straight forward.

The standard requirements to complete a package insurance claim with U-PIC are as follows:

  • A copy of the invoice between the seller and the buyer for the merchandise in the shipment.
  • A statement from the consignee confirming the loss or damage of the shipment. If the shipment is lost, the statement from the consignee must be dated after the waiting period for the package.
  • Pictures of the damaged package and product if the package arrived damaged.

*These requirements may be different based on the details of your policy with U-PIC.

Thing to keep in mind when filing claims with U-PIC:
  1. Know Your Timing - You should not file a lost claim on a package shipped today. And you should not file a claim on a package shipped a year ago. Our policy time frames are important. If you have questions about when you should file a claim, please feel free to reach out.
  2. Damage versus Lost - A claim for damage can be filed right away. Lost shipments have waiting periods. Know your timing and file your claim on time.
  3. Sufficient Packaging - Make sure your products are shipped in appropriate packaging. Damage arising from insufficient packaging is not covered. Shipping items in manufacturers packaging is also not covered.
  4. Stay Organized - Our claims team will need documentation which supports the loss you suffered. Maintain your records so you can provide the information to our claims team upon request.

U-PIC processes thousands of claims every month. You will be paid on time as long as you follow some basic claim filing rules. Learn more about how to avoid claim denials.

What items are not covered by U-PIC package insurance?

U-PIC's standard list of exclusions include: Accounts, bills, bullion, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, original/fine art, computer chips, money, notes, securities, perishable cargo, precious/semi-precious stones, televisions, tickets, laptop computers, cellphones, personal goods, or similar property unless endorsed in writing.

*These exclusions may be different based on the details of your policy with U-PIC.

Does U-PIC have an API for integrating with client systems?

U-PIC has has a REST API. Our software development team can work with your programmers to get you integrated.

We also support hundreds of clients who do not have programmers on staff. Our agents can get you set up quickly and easily based on your requirements.

What is needed to get started with U-PIC? It's simple.

If you're convinced about the need for package insurance and you're ready to start ASAP, then you can complete our Online Application. It's quick and easy and an insurance agent will contact you after reviewing the application.

You can also email us at, or give us a call us at 800-955-4623. We'd love to hear from you!

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