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Does your company ship products on a regular basis? If you are shipping products across the country, you need to have postal insurance through U-PIC Shipping Insurance. They can provide your company with protection and compensation if something goes wrong while the item is in transit. This coverage can quickly become beneficial for both the customer and the company. Even though most shipping companies offer some form of basic insurance, it usually adds up once you insure the total values. Many items that are shipped have more value and, thus, need additional insurance to protect them. U-PIC offers coverage for less than the carrier rates. Let’s look at how adding postal insurance with U-PIC can benefit your company in the long run.

Cost savings – U-PIC offers rates up to 85% less and can save you money in the long run for items that are lost or damaged in transit. Replacing high value items can be costly and having insurance to cover that cost will prevent your company from suffering significant loss.
Peace of mind – Customers need to be confident that their purchase is going to arrive safely. Postal insurance shows your customer that you care enough about them to provide the insurance as a protection for their purchase. It also helps them know that they have specific action they can take if something does go wrong.
Quick Claims Process – U-PIC Shipping Insurance resolves claims within 7 business days. All claims can be filed online and you will be notified about the status of the claim along the way.

If your company hasn't considered adding postal insurance from U-PIC for your shipments, it is time to begin that process. U-PIC will create a customized insurance plan to meet your needs. It’s easy to inquire by completing the no obligation form online under the apply tab. An insurance specialist will contact you and design a program that fits your needs to have coverage of your shipments.

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