U-PIC Shipping Insurance has been the industry leader since 1989. Ship with your preferred carrier(s) and insure those shipments with U-PIC at a discount.

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Shipping Insurance 101

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Here are some benefits you will find working with U-PIC.

Cost savings

There are no minimums, and our shipping insurance rates can be up to 90% less than traditional shipping carrier rates. The carriers charge the same rate to everyone, but U-PIC creates a custom quote based around your individual needs.

Faster claims process and transparency

Our claims process is 100% web based, and we work hard to complete claims in about a week, meaning you get your money faster. You do not have to worry about your claim being lost in the shuffle, as we send real-time status updates via email to give you complete visibility throughout the process.

Speaking of getting money faster:

Claims are paid out by eCheck rather than mailing a physical check. This saves anywhere from 24 - 72 hours of wait time between when a check is cut, and when you receive it.

This is REAL insurance

Unlike the ‘insurance’ that is offered by shipping carriers, the insurance that you buy with U-PIC is true insurance. Shipping carriers offer declared value coverage, but they do not guarantee that the full amount will be paid in the event of a claim.

If an item sold for $500, but the wholesale cost that the shipper paid was $200, the shipper may only be compensated for the wholesale cost.

With U-PIC, the shipper is compensated the full $500 plus the shipping cost.

Tracking shows delivered, customer says otherwise

From time to time, a package will be marked as delivered in the tracking system, but the customer says that they never received it. There are numerous reasons why this happens.

Sometimes the shipping carrier brings the package to the wrong address. Sometimes a package may be scanned at the warehouse as ‘delivered’, before it’s even been loaded onto a truck. Other times, it is stolen by porch pirates. When a shipper insures directly through a shipping carrier and encounters this issue, the shipping carrier will deny the claim automatically.

U-PIC takes a different stance on this issue. If a tracking number shows that a package has been delivered, but your customer states that they never received it --- with U-PIC, you are covered.

Shipping software integrations

New shipping software comes out all the time, but rest assured that U-PIC is integrated with, or works in union with every major shipping label software. Adding insurance to your shipments is very easy, and we can be added to your software of choice in a matter of minutes.

Industry leader:

We’re not keen on name dropping, so you will have to trust us here. U-PIC is the shipping insurance provider for some of the largest ecommerce and shipping companies in the world. Multi-billion and trillion dollar companies (hint) trust U-PIC to service their customers professionally, and you can too!

U-PIC Insurance Covers ALL Shipping Carriers

All Major Shipping Software is Supported


FedEx ShipManager

Paypal Shipping




UPS Worldship

And MANY More!

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