Buyers Blame Sellers for Shipping Incidents

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Matt Morelli

This is a quick anecdote based on a real life experience I had the other evening. My beautiful fiancee and I were out to dinner, when the people at the table next to us began talking about a botched product delivery that happened. Normally I am not one to eavesdrop, but when a nearby discussion is happening at 150 decibels, outside of inserting ear plugs there wasn’t much I could do to not hear every word.

That said — they were talking about shipping, so I shamelessly listened.

One of the people at the table ordered something online, and did not receive the package on the scheduled delivery date. She waited two days after the delivery date, and then called the company she ordered it from. The company provided her with a swift refund. Two days after she called and got her refund, her mother found the package two houses down. She then stated:

“I didn’t want to call the company back to let them know that I’d found the box, it was their fault anyway…”

Well, unless the company put the neighbors address on the shipping label, it really is not their fault. However, we live in a world of ambiguous responsibility so I guess it makes sense. So now this company most likely took a loss on that product. It was unclear as to whether or not it was reported to the shipping carrier, but by the sounds of the discussion, the entire process was handled between the buyer and seller.

Folks, this is reason 384,203,490 we need to insure packages. Chances are very high that had the seller been a U-PIC customer, they would be fully indemnified. U-PIC Shipping Insurance will cover you when the carrier marks a package as delivered, but the buyer / end user says that it never showed up.

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