U-PIC Shipping Insurance

U-PIC provides you coverage on damage, loss and shortage.

Need to insure just a few packages?

We have created several solutions for integrating the U-PIC system with you or your carriers. Our development team will work with you to integrate U-PIC into your shipping system or online shopping cart. We also provide the option to use an API to allow you to transmit data to U-PIC, further reducing your logistics burden. Contact our office at (800) 955-4623 or sales@u-pic.com if you have any questions.

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  1. You have read, and agree to, our coverage rules. Make sure to pay attention to #3(b) about descriptive labels because it pertains to packaging.
  2. If you obtain a policy, you agree to pay each months' insurance premium before the 10th of the following month.
  3. If you obtain a policy, you will correctly report all parcels shipped by your carrier(s) while covered and agree that the underwriter reserves the right to audit all reports.
  4. If you obtain a policy, you understand that you have 90 days from the shipment date to submit a claim for payment to U-PIC when using the United States Postal Service.
  5. You understand that this policy does not cover a carrier's automatic coverage, if any.

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