Worldwide Shipping Insurance

Worldwide Shipping Insurance

There are several things that could go wrong when you ship a package overseas, whether you do so on occasion or whether you send multiple packages a day for your business. International shipping insurance is vital for every carrier and protects against circumstances beyond your control. Discover the basics of U-PIC worldwide shipping insurance so that you are sure to find the best provider. Here are the most important things to know.

What It Is

Simply stated, shipping insurance covers your packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged during transit. It's offered through a company, such as U-PIC, that reimburses you for the replacement cost of the item and shipping cost if anything does happen to your packages during shipping. Insurance providers generally offer shipping coverage that is compatible with the most common carriers to make it easy to continue shipping the way you have in the past to both domestic and international destinations.

Why You Need It

Shipping insurance may seem like a frivolous expense, especially considering the reliability of most major carriers and your past experiences of shipping items. Unfortunately, neither reliability nor past experiences protect you against the unexpected. Losing one or more shipments could be financially devastating for business owners because the financial responsibility is theirs. Some business owners are intimidated by the thought of a global business because they cannot guarantee the safety of their shipments. However, shipping insurance can make a global business more possible because you are protected financially if shipments are lost or stolen. You are even protected if the shipment reaches its destination but the contents are salvaged or damaged. The Insurance offered by the carriers is more expensive and the claims process is often lengthy. Independent shipping insurance providers like U-PIC usually have a much quicker claims process usually 7 business days.

Insure Packages to Anywhere

What It Covers

Flexibility of coverage is another advantage of using a provider like U-PIC Shipping Insurance. This is a major benefit over carrier insurance, which has numerous exclusions and a limited declared value. When you use shipping insurance, you can choose a coverage amount that will cover your packages if they are damaged or lost in transit.

How to Get It

Shipping insurance providers generally make the process of purchasing shipping insurance simple, since they understand that international shipping is a complicated enough process. If you ship internationally often, you may choose to open an account with an insurance provider. This may be beneficial to you financially because there are often discounts associated with these accounts. If you do not ship often you can still use the same provider for a single package. To purchase the insurance, you will need to fill out an online form detailing the shipment information.

How to File A Claim

If something happens to your shipment you will file a claim through the insurance provider's website. This is like other types of insurance claims where you will upload photos or documents to support the claim. In addition, you should be given the option of sending the buyer an affidavit request to further back up the claim. With U-PIC, claims are often resolved in one week and they also have insurance specialists available to assist you along the way.