Why Trust Your Insurance With U-Pic?

*A staggering 65% of consumers have received a damaged package, so why should you consider us to protect you? A box is a box, and dozens of crates of inventory are going to arrive at their destination one way or another, right? Here at U-PIC, we believe that there are a few distinct qualities that set our shipping insurance services apart from the rest. In short, here are a few qualities about us we think you’ll like:

  • Rates
  • Claims
  • Coverage
  • Stability

Our rates can’t be beat. When insuring through the carrier you are not necessarily receiving the personalized attention when you need to file a claim. If you’re a business dealing with a shipping problem including damage, loss, or shortage you want an expedited claim process. You want someone who is going to communicate with you, value you, and take your issue seriously. At U-PIC, we do just that, and we make your problem our priority. Coverage is never vague and discouraging, rather our coverage is clear and relevant to the areas that you need it most to protect your losses. Overall, we offer a stable, reliable source for shipping insurance, claim processing, and door to door coverage of your goods and products.

Save Up to 90% on Shipping Insurance

Yes, you read that correctly. We pride ourselves at U-PIC not just on our quality service, but on our incredible savings for our customers. If you decide to stick with us over carriers such as UPS, USPS, and Fedex, you could be saving yourself up to 90% on shipping insurance. In case you weren’t sure, U-PIC does insure against loss, damages, and even shortages, so that means a whole slew of worries lifted right off of your shoulders when you let us take care of you.

We know how important customer satisfaction is to you and your business. Not only will we save you on shipping insurance costs, but we’ll be sure to protect you, and give you complete peace of mind through our shipping insurance coverage.

Remember: choosing us can result in up to 90% in saving on shipping insurance. With that kind of potential on hand, what’s there to lose? This could be your perfect opportunity to switch to U-PIC Insurance and experience the savings and high quality of service you have been missing all along.

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