Your Basic Guide To International Shipping Insurance

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

Shipping items worldwide for your business, whether they are parts or complete products, can get a little tricky when you are choosing international shipping insurance. Lost or damaged items that your company is sending abroad needs coverage to protect your company from liability and to ensure customer satisfaction. Here is what you need to know about international shipping insurance, and why U-PIC may be the best option for you.

Basic Coverage Varies

For companies conducting business outside of the United States, shipping insurance coverage is a non-negotiable need. The exact coverage that is available varies from carrier to carrier. But at U-PIC, we can make it simple! U-PIC has been in operation since 1989 offering the best in automated claims processing. We have a licensed staff, excellent customer service, and highly competitive rates that stand out from the carriers. U-PIC Shipping Insurance resolves claims within 7-10 business days, compared to the carriers 4-6 months. Plus, U-PIC is less expensive and we cover the entire cost, including replacement and shipping.

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

Know When You Need It

Are you shipping fragile items that have a high potential to be broken? Perhaps you need specialized coverage for these high risk products. Are you shipping items in bulk that have a high monetary value? To protect against loss or damage, make sure that you choose the insurance coverage and shipping options that will provide the most coverage and peace of mind. Choosing the right shipping insurance plan is all about knowing where your greatest risk is, and choosing coverage that compensates that risk. U-PIC specializes in shipping insurance and can assist you along the way.

No Insurance Is Risky

If no insurance is chosen, you may have hardship when your package goes missing or is damaged. All of the risk and responsibility falls back on your business.

Are you still unsure of where to start? Choosing the right international shipping insurance for your needs is a little intimidating with all of the factors to consider. U-PIC International Shipping Insurance can be the perfect solution for you once you consider your needs alongside what we can provide.