8 Reasons to Opt for E-Commerce Shipping Insurance

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

New businesses and even established businesses that are attempting to expand their online presence can benefit greatly from e-commerce shipping insurance. There is no need to take unnecessary risks, and transit risks are always present, whether you are shipping across the country or across the globe. If you are wondering how e-commerce shipping insurance may be able to help your business, you should continue reading to discover eight reasons to opt for e-commerce shipping insurance with U-PIC.


Whether you are new to doing online business or you are a long-time seller, you'll always face transit risks when shipping your products. Our shipping insurance can offer greater security for your business. U-PIC covers damage, loss and shortage of your package + shipping costs. U-PIC also offers extensive shipping tips on how to package your products with the least amount of risk.

Carefree Shipping

With added security and less worry about your products and packages, you can take the chance to expand your business internationally without fretting about lost or stolen items. With low cost and convenient insurance, you have less to worry about.

The U-PIC Advantage

U-PIC offers shipping insurance at a discount for packages in transit worldwide. Our goal is to provide the lowest rates with excellent customer service and to eliminate the carrier’s tedious claims process.

Your Carrier

Some carriers already include the cost of insurance into their shipping costs. Just because carriers offer that as a complimentary service it does not mean that their coverage is the best option. Often, carriers will have higher rates and filing a claim can take up to 4-6 months. With U-PIC Shipping Insurance, pairing us with your carrier service for your business means that you are paying less on those upfront costs for insurance. Any time you need to file a claim it will only take 7-10 business days—this will keep your business up to speed.

Insured Shipments by U-PIC

Reduced Stress

On both a personal and professional level, possessing shipping insurance can be a huge weight off of your shoulders. When you have the peace of mind that your business’ products have reliable coverage, it takes away some of the fear of loss associated with regular shipping risk.


In terms of the day-to-day operations of your company, convenience is perhaps one of the best advantages to having parcel insurance. Our easy website allows quick navigation for you to add shipping insurance to your ecommerce orders. You can also track your claim status at every stage.

Pass on the Paperwork

Choosing a package insurance company can streamline your shipping process and eliminate excess paperwork. This can save you time, money, and physical resources. It can also help you bypass some of the frustration that can arise in handling the details.

Customer Satisfaction

Last but never least, you can provide greater customer satisfaction with shipping insurance. Ship your packages with your carrier, and insure with U-PIC at a discount. You will be more satisfied both financially and in terms of ease of access, convenience, and assurance.

Whether you are focused on saving money, streamlining operational efficiency, reducing paperwork and stress, or simply providing better customer service, all can benefit from e-commerce shipping insurance. If you are planning to expand your business and provide shipping internationally or you are simply wanting to enhance your online presence and availability of your products, shipping insurance can be a tremendous benefit to your business. Consider these benefits that teaming up with U-PIC Shipping Insurance can provide you and your business in the day-to-day operations for your team.